トキワ商事の仕事Business of TOKIWA TRANDING

販売の流れThe flow of transactions


As our business deals in used cars, the buying and selling processes are carried out at an auction house.
We will notify you when we find the ideal car that meets your specific needs, so it is best to make your requirements as detailed as possible.
1. Make & Model
2. Production Year
3. Color
4. Mileage
5. Features
7. Auction Grade
8. Budget ($)
車を購入したら、50%の頭金を支払う必要があります。 その後、輸出書類と発送スペースを手配します。
BLドラフトの確認時に50%の残高が必要です。 支払いが確認され次第、書類が送付されます。

We shall filter and translate the auction’s list of cars and create a customized list in English that meets your request.
These lists will only be made available the evening before the actual auction.
In accordance with the start price for the vehicle at the auction, you may inform us of the maximum price you are willing to bid for your selection.
As per your request, we can also provide you with photos or any other additional details required for the selected vehicle.
Once the car is purchased, a 50% down payment will be required. We shall then arrange the export documents and shipping space.
The balance 50% is required at the confirmation of the BL draft. The documents will be sent out as soon as the payment is confirmed.